Company Tests Autonomous Truck on Chicago Tollway

November 26, 2019
Chicago skyline.

An Illinois-based AI company called Autobon AI is testing a Peterbilt 18-wheeler retrofitted for autonomous driving on the Jane Addams Tollway (I-90) in suburban Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The truck will have a driver behind the wheel at all times. "The driver still has the full control," Autobon AI co-founder and chief executive Krystian Gebis told the newspaper. "We want to make sure the truck isn't weaving in the lane and it maintains a safe following distance. We want to make sure it's very precisely driving."

Autobon has developed a special wind visor that is equipped with multidirectional cameras, GPS, and "other sensors" to allow the truck to monitor road conditions and respond.

The Illinois Tollway has given permission for and is cooperating with the test.


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