Caterpillar PM310, PM312, PM313 Milling Machines


Cold Planers and Milling Machines

Caterpillar PM312 cold planer is at rest.
Caterpillar has updated its PM300 Series milling machines.

Caterpillar has updated its PM300 Series milling machines, including the PM310, PM312, and PM313. Each is available in either wheel or track configuration.

The cold planers have a Cat C9.3 diesel with 334 horsepower, up 3 percent over the predecessor. Visibility is improved with the unit’s sliding operator’s station that extends about 8.5 inches beyond the frame to give operators line of sight to the edge. An optional camera can be mounted above the cutter box.

The integrated rotor turning system allows for easier servicing, using a two-button pendant to hydraulically position the rotor. Cat System K milling rotors are available with spacings of 8 mm, 15 mm, and 18 mm. The dual taper retention design holds the tool in the blocks without the need for a retaining pin or bolt.