Caterpillar E Series Mini Excavators

February 1, 2012

Five compact-radius mini excavators now have Tier 4-I engines. Models 303.5E CR, 304E CR, 305E CR, 305.5E CR and 308E CR SB also have a new COMPASS control panel. The digital panel includes an anti-theft system and an economy mode feature on the 3.5- to 5.5-ton machines that Caterpillar says can lower fuel use by 20 percent. The panel also has a continuous-flow feature for auxiliary hydraulics that maintains flow without operator intervention. Other refinements include a standard high-ambient cooling package, ergonomic joysticks, and the relocation of several controls for operator convenience. An end-damping system in both the boom and stick cylinders reduces shock loads and reduces material spillage.

E Series Mini Excavator Specifications

303.5E CR

  • Power: 32 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 7,855 lb.
  • Dig depth: 126 inches

304E CR

  • Power: 42 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 8,496 lb.
  • Dig depth: 136 inches

305E CR

  • Power: 42 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 10,965 lb.
  • Dig depth: 145 inches

305.5E CR

  • Power: 46 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 11,618 lb.
  • Dig depth: 153 inches

308E CR SB

  • Power: 67 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 18.099 lb.
  • Dig depth: 186 inches