Caterpillar 6015B Mining Shovel

November 25, 2015
Caterpillar 6015B Mining Shovel

The 6015B hydraulic shovel, available in backhoe configuration, is a 100-tonne machine powered by a Cat C27 ACERT engine rated at 813 horsepower.

Equipped with a standard 8.1-cubic-meter bucket, the shovel will load a Cat 773 truck in four passes, a 775 in five passes, and a 777 in seven passes.

The company says fuel efficiency gains result from its proprietary integrated engine control technologies, a boom float feature that regenerates boom oil for reduced engine demand, an oil cooling system that’s independent of engine cooling, and regeneration of swing energy via its closed-loop swing system.

Cat automatic flow proportioning technology creates more efficient hydraulic pump utilization, reduced energy losses and increased fuel savings. Exclusive Cat Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating technology ensures that hydraulic flow is proportional, according to demands, so individual functions—boom, stick, and bucket—are automatically prioritized during simultaneous operations. This aids smooth, efficient operation and controllability. Pressure and flow compensation deliver only as much flow as needed. The result is reduced heat build-up and component wear. 

The boom and stick are built with high-strength steel and rugged castings that are joined and thermally stress relieved for optimum structural life and resistance to impact and wear in difficult digging conditions, according to Cat.

The 6015B swing system includes a cross roller bearing with sealed internal gearing, connected to an automatic lubrication system.

A newly designed hydraulic filtration system has a separate kidney loop that provides continuous filtration and optimum oil cleanliness at all times, according to the company.