Caterpillar 390F, 374F Excavators

October 30, 2014

Tier 4-Final upgrades to the Cat 390F and 374F excavators include the Cat ACERT C15 with 472 horsepower in the 374F and the C18 with 524 horsepower in the 390F. Fuel burn is down 7 percent and 13 percent, respectively, compared to predecessor models.

The upper frame uses special mountings to support the heavy-duty cab; the lower frame is heavily reinforced for durability. A long variable-gauge undercarriage—featuring massive track roller frames and high-tensile-strength-steel components—provides a wide, stable working basis while adjusting to reduce shipping width. A new counterweight removal device is available to allow for easier and more efficient transport.

Increased glass area in the F Series cab enhances visibility for the operator. Special sealing and insulation keep the operator's environment clean, comfortable , and quiet with operator sound levels reduced by a significant 3 dB(A). The new monitor offers a larger screen with higher resolution with more intuitive navigation. The monitor is programmable in 42 languages, and it presents detailed machine operating data as well as crisp images from the standard rearview camera. A climate control system includes air conditioning and filtered air ventilation, and seat options include air suspension, heated, and cooled versions.

Cat 374F, 390F Excavator Specifications


  • Operating weight: 165,714 pounds
  • Net power rating: 472 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 31 feet 7 inches


  • Operating weight: 202,873 pounds
  • Net power rating: 524 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 38 feet 9 inches