Caterpillar 336E H Hybrid Excavator

April 10, 2013

After announcing the product last October, Caterpillar has released additional details on its 308-horsepower 336E H Hybrid excavator, now shipping from factories to Cat dealers.

The new Cat 336E H excavator utilizes a “hydraulic hybrid” system that captures and reuses energy. Cat says greater fuel efficiency is the net result—as much as 50 percent greater than the 336D.

To achieve fuel savings, the design of the 336E H is relatively straightforward, using three technologies: 1) conserve fuel with engine power management via the Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump; 2) optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve; and, 3) reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing, which captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators and then releases the energy during swing acceleration (see video).

Caterpillar’s patented ACS manages the restrictions and flows in the system. As the “brain” of the hydraulic hybrid system, ACS is comprised of an extensive set of algorithms to control implement motion without loss of power. Due to ACS and the system integration with the ESP pump and hybrid system, operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capacity, according to the company.

Construction Equipment and independent operators conducted an exclusive Field Test with the 336E H.

Customers can expect the 336E H to use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to a standard 336E, Cat says. Precisely when customers will recoup their initial investment in a 336E H depends on fuel prices, a customer’s specific application and the number of hours the machine operates in a year. Assuming today’s fuel prices and a production application for a 336E H, Caterpillar estimates customers can realistically expect to see a return on their investment for the hybrid excavator model in as little as one year, with 18 months as typical.

The 336E H uses the Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, which is designed to operate on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel or a B20 bio fuel blend. Generous hydraulic flow in the implement circuits and a high main relief pressure generate high hydraulic horsepower. This means the 336E H can handle buckets as large as 3.33 cubic yards, as well as a variety of attachments. The heavy-duty reach boom can be paired with either a 10.5-foot  stick or a 12.8-foot stick.

Two additional hydraulic hybrid models, the 336F H and 336D H, are on the way. Both the 336F H and 336D H models will have the same hybrid Cat ESP pump as the 336E H. The 336F H will feature a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine that meets Tier 4-Final emissions standards; the 336D H will feature a Cat C9 ACERT engine for customers in those countries with emissions standards different than Tier 4-Final.

Caterpillar 336E H Hybrid Excavator Specifications

  • Max. operating weight: 82,000 pounds
  • Net horsepower: 308
  • Max. dig depth (standard): 24 feet 7 inches
  • Max. hydraulic flow: 150 gpm

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