Caterpillar 313F L GC Excavator for Low-Machine-Utilization Users

May 16, 2015
Caterpillar 313F L GC Excavator

Extending an industry trend that targets lower-hour users with less expensive, base machines that stay under 75 horsepower to avoid DEF aftertreatment, Caterpillar has introduced the 313F L GC hydraulic excavator, a companion unit to the higher-spec'd 312E L.

Brian Stellbrink, Caterpillar product application specialist, says the 313F L GC is a "support machine" with a simpler layout that offers reliability at a low cost per hour and a 1- to 2-gallon-per-hour fuel-burn rate, enabling the company to go after a wider range of customer applications outside of high-production digging. It also has a "significant price difference" from the 312E L, Stellbrink says. The 313F L GC features a Cat C3.4B Tier 4-Final engine and a one-pump hydraulic system to aid in light excavating, spreading topsoil, setting utilities, and fine grading floors. It also comes equipped with a stable long undercarriage, a full-size ROPS cab, and uncomplicated, easy-to-reach service points, the company says.

The 313F L GC's 70-horsepower engine and hydraulic system offer a choice of high power and economy modes to actively manage fuel consumption; it also has engine idle shutdown feature that stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval, which helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. For added machine versatility, the 313F L GC can be equipped with high- and medium-pressure hydraulic circuits along with a quick coupler to handle a range of Cat buckets and work tools.

A sleekly contoured 2.70-ton counterweight provides balance for handling a range of applications, and a selection of track shoes and blade options help tailor the machine to specific applications. Booms and sticks are heavy multi-plate fabrications using internal baffles and high-strength castings and forgings in high-stress areas such as the boom nose, boom foot, and cylinder connecting points. Front linkage pins use self-lubricated bearings. The 15-foot 3-inch boom can be used with either the 8-foot 2-inch or 9-foot 10-inch stick. Machine width is 8 feet 6 inches for good transportability. Cat's "LINK" technologies are available for the 313F L GC, and are integrated into the machine's monitoring system; however, 2D and 3D grade control is not available.

The "GC" designation, new to Caterpillar, is "a modifier that stands for a total offering" rather than initials representing a specific feature, Stellbrink says. It is in contrast to the company's "XE" designation, first used on wheel loaders and excavators, that indicates a full slate of standard high technology onboard.

Cat 313 L GC Excavator Specs

  • Engine: Cat C3.4B
  • Net power: 70 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 29,300 pounds
  • Hydraulic flow: 63.4 gpm
  • Relief pressure: 4,424 psi
  • Max dig depth: 19 feet 9 inches
  • Max load height: 20 feet 9 inches
  • Max reach: 28 feet 3 inches