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Case SV212D and SV216D Single-drum Vibratory Rollers


Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Case SV212D and SV216D Single-drum Vibratory Rollers
Case SV212D single drum roller has an operating weight of 24,520 pounds.

Case SV212D and SV216D single drum rollers can be used with a smooth drum or padfoot drum as a soil compactor.

They are able to climb grades of up to 67 percent and also feature a low-center-of-gravity axle-free design and a high-traction hydrostatic drive system that provides constant power to the wheels and drum with an electronic self-adjusting torque control system.

The rollers’ new 154-horsepower Tier 4-F engine also delivers greater torque than previous models. An oscillating articulated roller joint maintains consistent drum-to-ground contact for performance on rough, uneven terrain, and the drum design is engineered to reduce drift and maintain constant compaction throughout each rotation. Available options include automatic traction control, padfoot, and blade, and a more powerful HX drive with increased torque and speed over the standard hydrostatic drive system. The adjustable seat swivels up to 50 degrees.


Video highlights compactor's gradeability