Case CX490D, CX500D Excavators Updated to D Series

September 30, 2016

The CX490D and CX500D excavators replace the CX470C. The units have operating weights of 109,300 and 111,800 pounds, respectively, with a 363-horsepower diesel engine using SCR and DOC, with no DPF. Bucket digging forces range from 55,500 to 60,700 lb.-ft. for the CX490D and 64,500 to 70,400 lb.-ft. for the CX500D.

The CX500D is a mass-excavation unit with a special heavy-duty attachment coupler, larger bucket cylinders, and optimized kinematics enabling it to work with larger buckets than the CX490D.

D Series enhancements include an electronically controlled pump, a larger control valve, and multiple sensors that combine with the Intelligent Hydraulic System and its four integrated control systems to make the best use of the machine’s hydraulic power and momentum.

Using improvements to the Spool Stroke Control system, the CX490D and CX500D excavators re-use hydraulic fluid whenever possible to automatically increase cycle times and efficiency.

The arm and boom of each new excavator have been built stronger for greater durability and to support the added power of the machine. The undercarriage is built with thicker steel and a new single-slope design that reduces dirt accumulation and simplifies the cleaning process.