Carlson CP75 II Paver Upgraded to T4-Final


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Carlson CP75 II Paver Upgraded to T4-Final

The CP75 II paver has a Tier 4-Final Deutz 2.9 L4 engine produces 192 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm, 10 percent more than its predecessor. Fuel economy is upped by 10 percent and horsepower by 20 percent at the low end.

The operator station has screed-mounted controls kept relative at all times to the operator and direct connect cable steering. The hood has been lowered by 4 inches, providing more operator visibility and overall safety around the machine.

Hopper capacity is 8 tons, and the paver has horizontal sliding damper doors, a design that keeps obstructions such as utility boxes from damaging them while open. Ground clearance is 10 inches below the auger box while allowing for narrow width paving from zero to 4 feet by closing the damper doors.

The High Flow Material Conveyor has dual 35-1/2-inch heat and oil resistant rubberized belts fixed to chain driven slats that effectively transfers material to the augers without segregating the mix.

The CP75 II comes standard with the Carlson EZC813 single slide screed with a standard paving width of 8 to 13 feet.