Bobcat E63, E85 Compact Excavators

July 9, 2013

Bobcat E63 compact tail swing and E85 minimal tail swing excavators feature Tier 4-Final engines with a DOC and DPF.

The E63, replacing the company’s E60 and weighing in at 13,779 pounds, has a 13.5-percent horsepower boost, to 59.4.

Its upper structure has been shifted rearward on the undercarriage and its 11.6 inches of tail swing overhang provides best-in-class over-the-side lifting performance without increasing the machine’s overall weight, Bobcat says.

Selectable auxiliary flow rates and the detent (continuous flow) mode allow for more precise attachment performance. A new blade float feature joins a 16.1-inch blade that is 21 percent higher than the previous E60 model. Bucket breakout force has increased to 9,731 lb.-ft.

The E85 is the largest machine in Bobcat’s compact excavator line, with an operating weight of 18,960 pounds, an overall width of 91 inches, and a 59.4-horsepower engine.

It has 5.8 inches of tail overhang. The company’s in-track swing frame for the boom means the frame stays within the width of the tracks as it swings.

Bucket force has been boosted to 14,509 lb.-ft., an 18 percent increase over its predecessor. The E85 comes standard with Auto-Shift travel, which shifts the excavator out of high range or low range and back, automatically. Blade float is also available for this unit, the first time the company has offered it in the 8.5-metric-ton range.

Both units also have new boom cylinder guards.