Telematics on Center Stage

More than 400 people attended AEMP’s symposium on telematics last month, a number far exceeding previous educational events. Held in conjunction with AEM’s Customer Support Council Seminar, industry professionals took advantage of the opportunity to learn about this powerful equipment-management tool.

It was also the first time that end-users, distributors, equipment manufacturers and third-party telematics providers were able to gather with the sole purpose of learning how to integrate the data systems into machine-management processes.

“The synergy that can come together out of this is dynamic, because it needs to happen,” said Dave Gorski, CEM, K-Five Construction.


I agree.

While the symposium was encouraging discussion within the industry, Trimble Dimensions was holding its users’ conference in Las Vegas. I spoke at one of their sessions on machine health, which some would say is the holy grail of the technology. And in order for equipment managers to optimize the potential for telematics in this area, they must partner with their dealer as well as their telematics provider, whether that’s the manufacturer or third-party provider.

As our staff debriefed from the two events, we realized that telematics may be reaching the point machine control was just before it moved from “nice to have” to “competitive cost-saver.”

The simple side of telematics covers machine location, hours of use, and fuel consumption. This is where the AEM/AEMP Standard can immediately help. Everyone with a black box should be using these data points.

As comfort levels improve, managers will find real cost savings in monitoring idle time. The more integrated the systems, the more potential for cost savings.

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