Milestones in Equipment Management

Milestones in Equipment Management

October 13, 2014

By definition, a milestone signals a point along the way to a destination. As anyone hiking a trail knows, pausing at a milestone affords opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come before continuing the journey.

Since 2003, Mike Vorster has guided managers with “Equipment Executive,” a column written to improve knowledge of asset management. In 2013, the column won an national award for editorial excellence, but another milestone occurs next year when Mike will write his 100th article. That deserves celebration, and we want the industry to participate.

We will publish some of Mike’s classic articles next year in honor of this milestone, and we want you to choose the most useful or meaningful. We have chosen 10 classic “Equipment Executive” articles, and we want you to vote for your favorite. We will choose three participants to receive $100 American Express gift cards plus a copy of Mike’s book, “Construction Equipment Economics.”

Now let’s look to the journey ahead. In addition to “Equipment Executive” columns in the magazine, we’re launching a new tool for asset management: Construction Equipment Executive Institute. This is an online collection of articles and videos where equipment managers can learn the fundamentals of fleet management. The Executive Institute is presented by CE  and C.E.M.P. Central, which is Mike’s organization most known for his Construction Equipment Management Program.

Use the Institute for yourself or for others within your organization, and don’t forget to vote on your favorite classic “Equipment Executive” article.