GOMACO G+ Connect System Unites Paver Controls

GOMACO G+ Connect System Unites Paver Controls

September 18, 2012

GOMACO demonstrated its new G+ Connect control system to dealers and end-users during its GOMACO Invitational today. The package will be introduced at World of Concrete 2013, but I was allowed a sneak peek of the system.

G+ Connect is a CAN-based network using proprietary software to connect all control systems on a GOMACO paver. This includes all electronics and hydraulics, as well as machine control technology.

The GHP 2800 used in today’s demo traversed a 100-foot path to show how the G+ Connect controls the paver’s functions. A ground-level control panel, dubbed Ground Control, houses the paver’s GSI control, machine control, and a remote operator’s screen for G+. From this box, or by using a tethered hand-held control from any other location, a worker on the ground can fine-tune the machine, make settings adjustments, and monitor the operation.

G+ has an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer, says the company. Users can use G+ to pave with 3D stringless, laser control, sonic sensors, rotary sensors, and slope sensors.

On the demo machine here at GOMACO’s homebase in Ida Grove, Iowa, the GHP 2800 was mounted with a new option: the GOMACO A.I.R. (aluminum instrument rail). The rail, mounted above the tracks on the right side of the machine, allows for the mounting and quick attachment of multiple CAN-based and rotary sensors from the G+ library.