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A Full Plate

Rod Sutton is editorial director of Construction Equipment magazine. He is in charge of editorial strategy and writes a monthly column for the magazine, The Sutton Report. He has more than 30 years in construction journalism, and has been with Construction Equipment since 2001.

The role of equipment manager continues to become more complex and shows no sign of reversing that trend. Don’t look for less to do; expect more to be piled on your already full plate.

Emissions management may require an expansion of the equipment staff. We argued two years ago that with the unweildy bookkeeping requirements passed along by regulators fleets would eventually need to hire a person to ensure your fleet complies to emissions and other environmental mandates.

I found it heartening, although a bit disheartening, to see Peggy Noonan hammer this point home in her latest online column for the Wall Street Journal. “We weren’t born to be accountants,” she writes. “We’re supposed to be building the Empire State Building.”

CARB’s capitulation to reason regarding its draconian measures to curb emissions should not cause you to relax on this. Emissions compliance is here; prepare to manage it.

It doesn’t end with emissions, however. Managers of this nation’s fleets must also stay on top of safety regs, hazardous materials, and training. Several weeks ago, new crane regulations were released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Owners of cranes and derricks need to quickly assess how the new rule affects their operator certification and inspection, set-up and disassembly procedures.

Your core mission is to ensure that your organization has the machines it needs to do the work it is required to do, on time and in prime operating condition. That job will only become more complex in coming months and years.

Prepare and persevere.

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