Follow These Social Media Stars

Follow These Social Media Stars

February 25, 2013

Social media can suck up more time than many of us can afford, and many a business day can be partially spent in the black hole of Twitter and FaceBook. As an equipment professional, though, you might be missing some interesting or useful information if you are unaware of what some of the manufacturers, associations and other equipment users are doing online.

The important precursor to launching yourself into the social media universe is acknowledging why you are there.

Are you online for a business purpose, or for personal reasons? Are you looking for information on equipment, construction, national news, politics, or a personal hobby? Are you looking to take action on something, or are you filling in gaps in your knowledge or understanding? Or, are you killing time waiting for the next item on your to-do list?

I call it a black hole because even the most cursory look with a legitimate business purpose can easily spin into a lost 10 minutes or more. Don’t believe me? How many Twitter users today read something about the Oscars? How many movie buffs were dragged into the hole? How many others were “just curious.” Funny where that time goes.

Construction Equipment is active in both Twitter and Facebook. We post equipment- and construction-related information that we think helps you be better managers of equipment.

Here are some Twitter feeds that Frank Raczon and I follow. We recommend you follow them, too, as they often post useful information. But be warned, you could easily lose some time here, so make sure you have time to explore the list. In fact, only check out one or two at a time. That will give you opportunity to evaluate each, then you can decide to follow them or not.

Then, why not share your favorites with us? Social media is about community, and in our case the community of equipment professionals. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account you find helpful, let us all know. Post your recommendations below, or send me something direct, using email or Twitter.

Here’s our list: