Four Banners of Excellence

Aug. 4, 2015

Each issue, Construction Equipment puts together a resource that helps subscribers in their purchase decisions. “Buying File” has been a staple of this publication for years. It is one of the editorial pillars on which CE rests, and it is central to our editorial mission: to help subscribers improve their performance in acquiring heavy equipment and trucks.

Our peers in the business publication industry recently recognized our efforts to assemble the most useful information on a product category. “Buying File” won the Gold award at both the regional and national levels from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. Editor Walt Moore and senior editor Frank Raczon write Buying File, and they share the honors.

“Buying File” epitomizes four important aspects of what our editors represent:

1) Quality journalism anchors this brand.

Construction Equipment has an unmatched history of editorial recognition for excellence, beginning in the 1980s under then-editor Arnie Consdorf. His successor, former editor Kirk Landers, amassed an impressive streak of consecutive awards, and today, the publication holds more than 100 awards for editorial quality.

2) Experience matters.

Moore and Raczon have covered the construction equipment business for many years. They understand the machines in "Buying File," manufacturers respect them, and they have personal relationships with many of the product and marketing experts for those machines. Experience means our editors ask incisive questions and effectively communicate the information key to the category.

3) We don’t try to be all things to the construction industry, but we are all things to equipment people.

The Construction Equipment audience knows exactly what to expect when they open an issue of the magazine: information and ideas that enable them to manage their costs accurately in order to deliver to their organizations the optimum financial benefits. This will include, but not be limited to, information on product development, performance and technology; as well as the fleet-management disciplines of equipment acquisition, disposal and maintenance.  

4) Our equipment evaluations are easily accessible.

Although "Buying File" hones in on a single machine type each month, equipment managers can find analysis of other machines at any time during their acquisition process right here on the website. Along with "Buying File," the website offers other resources for buyers, including the latest machine introductions in various equipment categories, Field Tests, SpecPro comparative specifications, and asset-management information.

About the Author

Rod Sutton

Sutton has served as the editorial lead of Construction Equipment magazine and since 2001. 

Our mission is to help managers of heavy equipment and trucks to improve their performance in acquiring and managing their fleets. One way we do that is with our Executive Institute, where experts share information and ideas that will enable equipment managers to accurately manage equipment costs so that they can deliver the optimum financial benefits to their organizations.

We also have a laser focus on product development, performance, and technology; as well as equipment acquisition, disposal, and maintenance. Our exclusive Field Tests take earthmoving equipment and truck into the field for professional evaluations.

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