The Glory of Old Equipment

July 23, 2014

If you’re in the construction equipment business, summer brings surprises as you spend time wandering in the nice weather.

A few weeks ago, while vacationing in Maine, I caught a flash of faded yellow out of the corner of my eye.

My wife knows that when I pause during a summer walk or hike, it is often because I’ve seen a machine. Before I’m branded for not enjoying time with my wife, or hiking, or even being able to disconnect on vacation, admit that it’s happened to you, too. And if your family is like mine, they all know the difference between an excavator and a dozer, and they know Bobcat is a brand name.

Below are a couple of photos of what caught my eye along the harbor last month, a Dynahoe backhoe loader. That’s Boothbay Harbor in the background, and a lot of brush growing around the machine. Note the seat; plywood cut to fit.

By the looks of the hydraulic cylinders and the tires, the unit still operates. It’s not unlike countless other machines that live out the last hours of life doing odd jobs or seasonal work.

I'm sure you've seen similar old workhorses this summer, or even in summers past. If you want to post, tweet or simply email me a photo with a brief description, we’ll compile them and see what we can find across the country.

Post photos to Facebook, tweet them with the hashtag #IronWorks, or email them to me.

Happy hunting.

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