The Vorster Effect

July 30, 2013

Ten years ago, I was introduced to Mike Vorster as a teacher of advanced equipment-management techniques. Although I didn’t understand all he told me that day, I did recognize him as a keen source for the type of information our readers needed.

We recognized that working together would be, as they say, “of mutual benefit,” but I don’t think either of us realized what would come of it. The latest touchstone to the effect our collaboration has had on the industry is recognition by my peers, business editors, for the work Mike does in our “Equipment Executive” column. ASBPE presented us with the Gold National AZBEE Award for regular column by a contributor.

“Equipment Executive” is written specifically for those equipment managers who treat construction equipment as assets. The financial side of equipment management has become more important in recent years, and nobody addresses the issue better than Mike. Mike published his first column in October 2003. He now shares the writing load with Andy Agoos, himself a proven manager of construction equipment fleets.

ASBPE judges evaluated Equipment Executive on the quality of writing, reporting and editing; development of the subject; presentation; and value to readers.

Mike just submitted his 80th column, which will appear in the September issue of Construction Equipment. That’s 80 tutorials, each of which educates our readers on a specific aspect of asset management.

Mike compiled his first 60 articles into what has become a standard reference book for asset managers, “Construction Equipment Economics,” available through CEMP Central, Mike’s organization, which he set up upon his retirement from Virginia Tech.

If you haven’t read a Mike Vorster column, and if you’re serious about the art of equipment management, you owe yourself a taste today.

About the Author

Rod Sutton

Sutton has served as the editorial lead of Construction Equipment magazine and since 2001. 

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