Atlas Copco BV30 Vibrating Screed

March 8, 2015
Atlas Copco BV30 Vibrating Screed

The compact, single-beam BV30 vibrating screed allows contractors to level concrete in a variety of applications, including garage floors and driveways, as well as in confined areas.

The BV30 weighs as little as 28 pounds and is available with five blade sizes, ranging from 6 to 14 feet long. The variety of blade sizes gives contractors the flexibility to use the screed on both small- and large-scale jobs. The screed is equipped with a V-shaped, rigid bottom plate that prevents the blade from twisting to ensure stable and consistent leveling, Atlas Copco says. And because the screed vibrates, it eliminates the need for pokers while leveling concrete as deep as 5 inches.