AnyDATA Corp.

September 28, 2010

AnyDATA AnyTrack GPS-120 wireless vehicle tracking deviceAnyDATA Corp.’s wireless AnyTrack GPS-120 is a theft prevention and inventory management telematics solution. The system enables geofencing – a virtual, GPS-enabled perimeter – around equipment. If a machine is moved outside its geofence, indicating possible unauthorized use or theft, the system issues an alert via mobile text message or email. The GPS-120 also offers Locate on Demand, and Location History. AnyTrack’s A-GPS cellular technology enables it to be located across the U.S., even if the device cannot see GPS satellites. This means AnyTrack can be placed covertly anywhere in or on the equipment. Conventional GPS antennae must be placed in the open with a direct line of sight to the satellite for signal transmission, preventing them from working indoors. The AnyTrack GPS-120, which retails for $229, are sold direct to customers at Tracking service ranges from $11 per month to $19.95 per month.