Alemite Lithium-Ion Grease Gun

April 23, 2013

Alemite's 595 18-volt Lithium-Ion grease gun provides a flow rate of 6 ounces per minute and a maximum pressure of 8,000 psi, delivering up to 27 grease cartridges on a single battery charge.

To reduce operator fatigue, the grease gun motor is located in the handle for optimal balance, and its battery weighs 40 percent less than a comparable Ni-Cad battery, Alemite says. Operators can charge the battery anytime without loss of capacity due to memory effect. Other benefits of the Lithium-Ion technology include a consistent level of performance from beginning to end of the discharge cycle and three times as many charges as NiCad batteries.

The 595 grease gun features a housing made of glass fiber-reinforced nylon for strength and impact resistance. The battery light indicates sufficient capacity for three grease cartridges and the stall light indicates a clogged fitting. The unit’s motor has a thermal protector and optimized air flow. In addition, the grease gun includes a flexible, Kevlar-reinforced hose.