6 Robotics Startups Boost Efficiency

February 26, 2020
Bricklaying robot on a construction site.

Several robotics startups have begun developing robots to resolve challenges faced by manual labor, and make the construction industry more efficient. Below is a list of robotics startups that offer contributions to these advancements:

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces, and sells professional service robots across industries, including construction. Its portfolio includes brands such as Beam Robots, UVD Robots, PTR Robots, and a handful of other service robots. 


Munich-based startup Kewazo works with the intention of improving construction logistics via data analysis and robotics. The company’s first solution was a robotic elevator for construction sites, as well as industrial plants with focus on scaffolding. In the construction sector, it focuses on activities such as roof work, facades, and insulation.

Scaled Robotics

The company has developed mobile 3D printing robots that bring about automation in construction sites. According to an article in Silicon Canals, the startup reduces material consumption by 75 percent. The company also deploys artificial intelligence within their robotics products.


Mobbot intends to "revolutionize" the construction sector with its 3D printing system, which brings digitization into the construction field. It develops 3D printing solutions that are efficient to use, improve working conditions, and reduce CO2 emissions. 


The company develops, integrates, and operates small UAVs for remote sensing applications. It uses ZXY's Cloud platform to capture aerial data using autonomous drones. On construction sites, it monitors, maps, and conducts safety inspections. 

Craft Robotics

The company builds robots as an extension of a “construction worker’s toolbox,” enabling workers to complete more work through the day with help from automation.

Source: Silicon Canals