5 Tips to Steer Your Maintenance in the Right Direction


Asset Management

A technician works on a machine
2020 has been a difficult year with many adjustments for fleet managers, particularly if maintenance has been deferred.

This year has been full of unexpected changes in operations and activities that have had a profound effect on private and public fleets.

Many things were thrown out of sequence and activities were either cancelled or deferred.

If maintenance was one of those activities affected, Polaris Laboratories has put together a few tips to help in regaining control of your program:

  • Take an inventory of your equipment and condition.
  • Identify or reassess the importance (criticality) of each equipment in your processes.
  • Dust off and review maintenance records of each individual piece of equipment.
  • Identify specific needs for each piece of equipment.

If fluid analysis is one tool you use to assess equipment conditions, then consider these:

  1. Collaborate with your Technical Business Consultant | Identify specific actions/activities that will enhance the impact of a well-managed fluid analysis program.
  2. Audit your Equipment List | Complete any missing information and move inactive equipment to a mothball account.
  3. Review your Users | Assess your list of active users and add new or remove those that are no longer needed.
  4. Determine Training Needs | Identify gaps and schedule appropriate sessions and topics.
  5. Develop and Participate in a Program Review | Program reviews highlight areas where the program is being successful, as well as those needing improvement. Specific equipment in need of attention can be identified as well.

Source: Polaris Laboratories