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XL Specialized Trailers 110 Low-Profile HDG

The Low-Profile HDG trailer features a loaded-deck height of 15 inches

April 04, 2018
The Low-Profile HDG trailer features a loaded-deck height of 15 inches

The Low-Profile HDG (Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck) trailer features a loaded-deck height of 15 inches, a capacity of 110,000 pounds in 12 feet, and a 4.5-inch ground clearance. The 13-foot gooseneck has a swing clearance of 110 inches, and the relief cut-out in the gooseneck provides additional space between the truck and trailer. To reduce loading and unloading time, the trailer’s long neck is removable via the use of a wet kit or with a power unit. The neck also offers a five-position ride height. Based on neck position and load, the deck can be leveled as needed with the adjustable wheel-area ride height.

The main decks on the new trailer use T-1 flange and 80,000 webs, as well as 6-inch and 4-inch stubbed junior I-beams on 12-inch centers. Apitong decking is standard on the main deck. A deep well at the rear accommodates an excavator’s bucket without detaching the lower boom section. The main deck provides multiple tie-down points, 13 chain drops per side, and swing-out outriggers on 24-inch centers. The wheel area includes bolt-on, heavy-duty wheel covers. The third axle airlift can raise when the axle is not required, and the trailer frame can accept a fourth axle when necessary.

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