Woody Biomass Coalition

Staff | September 28, 2010

Forest industry stakeholders have joined together in a new coalition to promote energy production from woody biomass — logging and mill residue that can be used for energy production. The Woody Biomass Coalition aims to provide advocacy, education, information, and outreach to public and private entities to promote research, development and funding for sustainable woody biomass utilization and markets. The goals of the coalition include reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and improving the nation's national security position, as well as improving forest health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another goal is to create new markets for renewable fuels, including woody cellulosic ethanol, which will promote economic opportunities and growth while supplying a sustainable supply of woody biomass for all biomass/bioenergy products. Information website, www.woodybiomass.net, provides background data and links to related information resources. For more information, contact Danny Dructor of the American Loggers Council at (409) 625-0206 or Kara Heideman of Association of Equipment Manufacturers at (202) 898-9064.