Wheelz™ Goggles by Gateway Safety® Protect Against Splash, Reduce Fogging, and Help Increase Compliance

Staff | September 28, 2010

According to OSHA, splash goggles must be used during any application in which there is a risk of liquid splash. However, traditional goggles tend to be big, bulky, and not very comfortable.

Gateway Safety is proud to introduce Wheelz™ safety eyewear. Part safety glasses and part safety goggle, Wheelz eyewear combines popular sport styling with the maximum splash and impact protection of a goggle. Plus, unlike traditional goggles that can be big and bulky, Wheelz eyewear has a compact, lightweight frame made of a soft, flexible material for all-day comfort. An elastic head strap easily adjusts to ensure a safe, snug fit.

Wheelz eyewear is ideal for use in laboratories, doctors’ offices, and light manufacturing and industrial applications. Attractively styled, Wheelz provides hours of comfortable protection and will not leave the "splash-goggle red ring" on wearer’s face.

To help maintain clear vision at all times, Wheelz goggles feature the patented Whirlwind™ ventilation system, which minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber. Ten unique conical air chambers line the frame’s brow area. Secondary air enters the goggle through ten additional ventilation ports on the frame’s underside, creating a strong "whirlwind" of air that circulates through the inner frame. Better vision increases compliance and helps prevent injuries that can happen in an instant if safety eyewear is removed.

Wheelz are available in a variety of one-piece lens options: clear, clear anti-fog, gray, gray anti-fog, silver mirror, silver mirror anti-fog, blue mirror, blue mirror anti-fog, and dark green 3.0 or 5.0 IR filter shades for light welding applications. A foam insert for added comfort and protection is also available on the frame with clear anti-fog and gray anti-fog options. Wheelz eyewear meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1+ standard and offers 99.9% UVA and UVB protection.

For more information contact: Gateway Safety, Inc. at 800-822-5347 or email: info@gatewaysafety.com.