West Virginia Construction & Design Exposition

Staff | September 28, 2010

Thousands of construction, engineering and architectural professionals attended the 29th annual West Virginia Construction & Design Exposition, held March 19-20 at the Charleston Civic Center in downtown Charleston. The expo, which encompassed the entire Civic Center facility, was sponsored by the Contractors Association of West Virginia, West Virginia Utility Contractors Association, West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers, and the American Institute of Architects — West Virginia, with support from 19 groups.

Approximately 300 exhibitors presented attendees with the opportunity to visit exhibits containing an array of products and services. In addition to the exhibits, the show was a meeting ground for numerous trade associations and professional societies.

Many educational seminars were held on a variety of topics, including "GIS in Public Utilities," "Structural Evaluation and Retrofitting of Highway Bridges," "Improving Project Communications from Concept to Completion," "Pipe Bursting Techniques," "The ABC's of Access Control," and "2008 Construction Industry Outlook."

The 2009 West Virginia Construction & Design Exposition will be held March 25-26 in Charleston.