Werner Bantam 6 Line of Self Retracting Lifelines Reduce Fall Distance

December 7, 2016

Werner has expanded its portfolio of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), adding the compact, retractable Bantam6.

The benefit of an SRL versus a lanyard is the ability to reduce the fall distance by up to 5.5 feet, the company says, and the Bantam6 SRL product line extends and retracts automatically during typical use. Its brake mechanism activates immediately in the event of a fall, reducing impact to the body as well as fall distance. The Bantam6 SRLs are compact and lightweight at less than 2.5 pounds, for easier transport to and from the job site. Available with a steel or aluminum hook, the Bantam SRL line features a 310-pound rated capacity and durable 1-inch Dyneema webbing.