Wearable Construction Tech Market Expects Growth: Report

January 23, 2020
Construction workers on site.

Safety in the construction industry is being “spearheaded” by wearable tech innovations such as gyroscopes, emergency alerts, and tracking devices, according to new research from GlobalData. GPS-enabled wearables and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are also improving efficiency on construction sites.

GlobalData’s latest report, Thematic Research: Wearable Tech in Construction, found that growth in the wearable tech industry is driven by the “remote support roles for a younger generation of workers.” The need for enhanced safety and efficiency has also driven growth, according to Channel Life. Further developing innovations such as AI, smart glasses, and wearable exoskeletons will aid in the shift towards safer worksites.

Construction companies such as Triax Technologies and Scan-Link currently lead innovation in wearables, according to the research. Both use geo-tagging through belt clips and safety jackets, which convey vital information to site managers. Another company, Reactec, uses a specialized app to monitor risks and safety issues through worker’s smartwatches, according to the research. 

GlobalData lead economist Danny Richards says, “This technology was recently used by former construction giant Carillion and led to a significant increase in worker protection and productivity, as well as a 3,000 saving in labor costs over 18 months. PETIT, a subsidiary of the French construction company VINCI Construction, has incorporated augmented reality (AR) into its developments.”

According to Channel Life, the wearable tech industry was worth nearly $23 billion in 2018, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19 percent to reach $54 billion by 2023. 

Source: GlobalData & Channel Life