Staff | September 28, 2010

WaveBox portable microwave ovenWaveBox makes big claims of being the world’s first truly portable microwave oven, and it is said to bring the power of the kitchen to mini-vans, trucks, jobsites, and more. A triple-power delivery system allows the WaveBox to run off a standard AC outlet, the 12-volt power socket in most vehicles, or by direct connection to a 12-volt battery. It reportedly has a built-in, retractable AC cord and swappable DC cords for the vehicle power socket or direct battery connection; no inverter is needed. There are two models from which to choose — the Original and Extreme Duty. It also comes with the CoolWave, a soft-side cooler that fits inside the microwave to keep food and drinks cool until meal time. It will be available from Cabela’s and Mills Fleet Farm stores and retails from $179 to $199.