Wacker RD 12 Series Asphalt Rollers

Staff | September 28, 2010

Wacker's new RD 12 Series ride-on asphalt rollers, the RD 12-90 and RD 12A-90, have been newly configured to eliminate rear overhang, allowing enhanced visibility and the capability to compact to the edge of the mat. Both machines have an operating weight of 2,490 pounds, use 35.4-inch-wide drums, and produce a centrifugal force of 3,400 pounds at the front drum (the rear drum is static). The RD 12-90 is equipped with a 20.5-horsepower Wacker engine, and the 12A-90 uses an 18-horsepower Honda. The new hydrostatic-drive rollers feature dual drum drive with articulated steering. A pressurized water system allows consistent water flow, and the water pump timer is adjustable to eight positions. Estimated list price: $18,820.