Wacker RD 12-90 and RD 16-90 Ride-On Roller Models Provide Enhanced Performance

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010


Wacker RD 16-90 asphalt compactor
The Wacker RD 16-90 is suited for compacting base and finish layers of asphalt, says Wacker, as well as for compacting granular sub-base materials in confined areas. The new model is 5-plus inches shorter, overall, than its RD 15 predecessor.
Wacker RD 12 Series asphalt roller
RD 12 Series machines measure 71.8 inches in length and 40.8 inches in width. Unballasted operating weight is 2,490 pounds, and with ballast in the rear drum, 2,690 pounds.Wa

Wacker recently introduced its new generation of ride-on asphalt rollers, models RD 12-90, RD 12A-90 and RD 16-90, all of which now are designed and manufactured at the company's Menomonee Falls, Wis., headquarters. The new models have been substantially redesigned, compared to predecessor models, and feature a range of enhancements in the areas of performance and operator convenience.

The RD 12 Series, for example, based on the company's popular RD 11, has a redesigned frame that eliminates its predecessor's rear overhang, resulting in enhanced visibility, more precise maneuverability, and the ability to reach the edge of the mat for complete finishing. Overall, the new RD 12 models are some 10 inches shorter than the RD 11, but the wheelbase has actually been lengthened.

The RD 12 models, when using ballast in the non-vibrating rear drum, have an operating weight of 2,690 pounds and deliver a dynamic (centrifugal) force of 3,400 pounds (a 15-percent increase compared with the RD 11). Drum frequency for the Wacker-powered RD 12-90 is 4,200 vpm, and that for the Honda-powered RD 12A-90 is 3,900 vpm. The machines have maximum horsepower ratings (at 3,600 rpm) of 20.5 and 18, respectively, and feature hydrostatic dual-drum drive, articulated-frame steering and 35.4-inch-wide drums.

Also contributing to the mat-finishing ability of the new RD 12 models, says Wacker, is a pressurized water system. This new system replaces the gravity-flow system of the predecessor model and is designed to deliver more efficient and more consistent water flow. A water-pump timer allows the operator to select eight flow rates to match rolling conditions. The efficiency of the new pressurized system, according to the company, allows the size of the water tank to be reduced (from 40 to 26.4 gallons), but allows a longer running time.

A new, larger operator's station is designed to reduce vibration on the platform, says Wacker, while also promoting quieter operation. A sloped hood enhances forward visibility, and a "user-friendly" control panel features a right-hand forward/reverse lever with integrated vibration control.

Also new to the Wacker asphalt-roller line is the larger RD 1690. This 3,274-pound unit, with a 26.8-hp, two-cylinder Lombardini diesel engine, offers the same new features as the RD 12 Series, including the new chassis design, pressurized water system, ergonomic enhancements, and increased compaction performance. Both the front and rear drums vibrate and can produce up to 6,800 pounds of total centrifugal force. A standard "foldable" ROPS facilitates transport and storage.