Wacker Neuson Flameless Heaters

October 31, 2013
Wacker Neuson Flameless Heaters

HIF 690 and HIF 1200 flameless indirect-fired heaters use a diesel engine to generate heat, so the flame is completely isolated from the surrounding environment.

In the company’s flameless heater technology, cool ambient and/or re-circulated air is drawn into the heater body and pulled through an exhaust heat exchanger and radiator, where it achieves heat gain. Air temperature increases further as it is drawn across the engine and heat plate. At the third and final heating stage, air is pushed through the shear plate oil heat exchanger, where it reaches its final temperature and is discharged through the outlet duct. The HIF 690 and HIF 1200 offer a maximum air output temperature of 250 F with a maximum temperature rise of up to 150 F, Wacker Neuson says.