Wacker Neuson EW65, EW100 Wheeled Excavators

October 20, 2015

Wacker Neuson’s new generation of wheeled excavators, says the company, can drive to the work site, eliminating a truck and trailer for hauling and eliminating the time-consuming process of loading and securing the machine for transport. The new EW65 and EW100 wheeled excavators feature more powerful engines, reduced turning radii, increased digging depths and simplified operation.


The 6.5-ton EW65, powered by a 48.5-horsepower Perkins Tier 4-Final engine, has a top speed of 18.6 mph. A new three-pin bucket-linkage system provides a breakout force of 12,152 pounds, and the linkage also is designed to optimize the bucket’s angle of rotation to keep the load secure before dumping. The new front stabilizer and rear stabilizer blade provide added stability, says the company. The boom has been shifted to the right to allow a better view of the attachment and work site through the cab’s large windows. The EW65, says Wacker Neuson, is suited for applications such as curb and gutter, manhole repairs and directional drilling.


Applications for the EW100, says Wacker Neuson, include roadside digging and demolition in urban settings. The 10-ton EW100, powered by a 117-horsepower Perkins Tier 4-Interim engine, has 15 percent more power and, says the company, reduces fuel consumption by 17 percent, compared with its predecessor. The four-cylinder, 3.4-liter engine uses a common-rail fuel injection system, charge-air cooler and diesel particulate filter. The EW100 features a new all-wheel-steer system that reduces the turning radius by 5 feet, compared with the previous model. The new model can dig to more than 14 feet and has a 24-foot reach Top speed for the EW100 is 25 mph.

The EW100 uses a single driving pedal and provides easy transitions between the different operating modes and speed settings, says Wacker Neuson. A dial control system allows the operator to select and save auxiliary-hydraulic flow settings, depending on the attachment, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Cab amenities include air conditioning, automatic climate control and new joysticks.