Wacker Neuson EH 27 Low Vib Electric Breaker

September 28, 2010


Compared to the previous model, the Wacker Neuson EH 27 Low Vib electric breaker lowers hand-arm vibration by 28 percent, yet increases power by 18 percent. Due to the lower vibration, the hand-held breaker's percussion system is able to work more efficiently. According to the manufacturer upon release of the product, the EH27 Low Vib is the only machine in the industry that dampens vibrations into the entire upper housing, including the handles, and thus further protects the user's body from vibration. A new leaf spring dampening system cuts hand-arm vibration to 5.5 m/s², the lowest rating in the product class, andallows operators to work comfortably for a full eight-hour shift.Estimated list price: $1,895.