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Wacker Neuson BS70-4As Rammer Designed for Easy Starting


Tampers, Ram Type

Wacker Neuson BS70-4As vibratory plate compactor has a 3.6-horsepower Honda GXR120 engine

Wacker Neuson has expanded its rammer line with the addition of the BS70-4As, which is powered by a 3.6-horsepower, multi-position, four-cycle Honda GXR120 engine. The BS70-4As weighs 177 pounds and produces a percussion rate of 678 blows per minute with a stroke height at the ramming shoe of 2.9-inches. A low-oil-shut-down system prevents the engine from starting if a low-oil condition is detected, and an LED flashes red to warn the operator of the condition.

The rammer’s compensation carburetor, according to the company, maintains an optimum air-to-fuel ratio as the filter collects dirt, and depending on conditions, the compensated system will extend filter life by a factor of three. Easy starting, says Wacker Neuson, is a result of the purge-bulb carburetor that pulls fuel from the tank and into the carburetor when the bulb is pumped, but the engine cannot be flooded by pushing the bulb too many times. The system is designed to reduce the number of pulls required to start the engine.



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