September 28, 2010
Wacker recently introduced a line of five new compact hydraulic excavators to the U.S. market — models 1404, 3503, 38Z3, 50Z3 and 8003. These new excavators range in approximate transport weight from 3,100 to 16,800 pounds and in maximum digging depth (with standard dipperstick) from 10.6 to 14.1 feet. Optional long dippersticks for the four larger models yield maximum digging depths of 11.6 to 15 feet. Horsepower ratings range from 24.3 to 69.5, and the new machines use either a three- or four-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. Models 38Z3 and 50Z3 are zero-tail-swing units, and the 8003 is designated a short-tail-swing model. All units include rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and a control pattern selection system.