Staff | September 28, 2010

Wacker asphalt rollerWacker launched a new generation of asphalt rollers of its own design and manufacture with the 1-ton RD 12-90 and 1.5-ton RD 16-90. Redesigned frame and operator’s platform, and use of a pressurized water system eliminates overhang behind the machines so operators can see to roll the rear drum right to the edge of the asphalt. The water system is efficient enough, according to Wacker, that a smaller water tank delivers increased running time per tank. The RD 12’s compaction force increased 15 percent with increased exciter frequency for faster travel speeds. The 2,490-pound unit with 35.4-inch drums comes with a 20.5-hp Wacker engine and offers an 18-hp Honda option. The 3,274-pound RD 16-90 is powered by a 26.8-hp Lombardini diesel and offers dual drum vibration. With both drums vibrating, it can produce up to 6,800 pounds total centrifugal force.