VT LeeBoy 9000 Asphalt Paver

September 28, 2010

LeeBoy 9000 rubber-tired paver has an 8-foot electrically heated screed and weighs 33,000 pounds. It is the company's first entry in this size class. The 173-horsepower Caterpillar diesel is mounted transversely for ground-level access and cooling efficiency. Legend screed system extends hydraulically from 8 to 15.5 feet, and an onboard 20-Kw generator heats the main screed and front-mounted extensions. The paver has an 11-ton receiving hopper, hydraulic radius hopper wings, and high-strength plastic flashing. Dual 18-inch slat bar and roller chain conveyors feed the 16-inch-diameter augers, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered. Estimated list price; $285,000 to $325,000.