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VR Goggles Unveil Construction Project



An inside view of virtual reality goggles.

An Arizona construction project is using virtual reality goggles as a way to show off its vision to the community through its first “digital” construction project. The project, the development of Eastmark High School in Mesa, will help save paper, and potentially taxpayer dollars, according to an ABC 15 report.

According to ABC 15, sign posts with QR codes scattered throughout the site allow anyone with a smartphone to see what the school will look like post construction. Cole Woodward, a project manager for CORE Construction, told ABC that thy have given tours to school district officials, parents, teachers, and students.

Instead of reading blueprints, stakeholders are now able to get a complete feel of the architect’s vision, and can recommend changes before foundations are put into the ground. This way, instead of having to remodel after the fact, changes can be made during the construction process. This could be a potential money saver for the school district, Woodard told ABC.

Jim Lamb, the director of bond projects and construction at the Queen Creek School District, told ABC the best part about the technology was knowing what he was going to get before construction had even begun.

"A lot of time if we don't see it in the blueprint, we would have to wait until it was installed and go 'no, that is not what we like. Can we move it?' Then the contractor would have to re-do the work, move something. It adds a lot of cost and time to the project," he said.

Source: ABC 15

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