Volvo Upgrades L60H, L70H, L90H Wheel Loaders to T4-F

April 14, 2015

Models L60H, L70H, and L90H wheel loaders meet Tier 4-Final standards with a Volvo D6J diesel that delivers 165, 170, and 184 horsepower, respectively. Full-turn tipping loads are 16,820; 18,740; and 21,400 pounds, respectively.

Torque Parallel (TP) linkage combines the benefits of Z-bar and parallel linkage. Double seals on all linkage pins retain lubricating grease and prevent dust, and the TP linkage geometry enhances bucket roll-back angles.

They loaders have a counter shaft transmission and a 100 percent differential lock on the front axle, for traction and rimpull on soft and slippery ground. Load-sensing hydraulics match power to the application, and makes power available for rimpull.

The cab has all-round visibility, low noise and vibration levels, and climate control. An intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI) system informs the operator of all necessary machine information.

Daily service checks can be carried out with grouped service points. The engine hood opens electronically to provide full access to the engine compartment.

Volvo L60H, L70H, L90H Specifications


  • Engine: Volvo D6J
  • Net power: 165 horsepower
  • Breakout force: 19,090 lb.-ft.
  • Full-turn tipping load: 16,820 pounds
  • Operating weight: 11.0 - 13.6 tons


  • Engine: Volvo D6J
  • Net power: 170 horsepower
  • Breakout force: 21,700 lb.-ft.
  • Full-turn tipping load: 18,740 pounds
  • Operating weight: 12.7 - 15.5 tons


  • Engine: Volvo D6J
  • Net power: 184 horsepower
  • Breakout force: 30,960 lb.-ft.
  • Full-turn tipping load: 21,400 pounds
  • Operating weight: 14.5 - 17.3 tons