Volvo P7000 Series Asphalt Pavers

March 22, 2013
Volvo P7000 Series Asphalt Pavers

Volvo P7110 tracked and P7170 wheeled asphalt pavers have been upgraded to Tier 4-Interim compliance with 235-horsepower Volvo D8 engines. The tracked version has continuous rubber track with tandem bogie system. The wheeled Marketed with the Blaw-Knox label, the pavers have a four-sensor feed system that automatically regulates the delivery and flow of material to match paver speed. By pressing a button, the driver and screed operator can extend hydraulically powered, two-stage tunnels that control material flow across the paving width. Blaw-Kote protective coating prevents asphalt from sticking to vital components.

Volvo P7110, P7170 Paver Specifications

  • Basic paving width: 10 feet
  • Max. paving width: 26 feet
  • Max. paving depth: 12 inches
  • Engine: Volvo D8
  • Rated power: 235 horsepower