Volvo E Series Articulated Dump Trucks

Staff | September 28, 2010

Volvo's computer-controlled full-suspension option for the A35E and A40E ADTs made quite a splash in Europe, where new ergonomic standards limit the amount of vibration to which operators can be subjected. But the two largest E-Series trucks were dramatically redesigned, even without the industry's first active, intelligent suspension. The A40E's capacity increased 4,400 pounds to 43 tons. Its power and torque increased 12 percent and 19 percent with the new, 464-horsepower Volvo D16 engine. And the A40E weighs more than a ton less than the A40D. The A35E's capacity increased 2,200 pounds to 37 tons, with a new rating of the D12 diesel, equaling the A40D's 414 horsepower and 1,549 foot-pounds of torque. Estimated list price range: $525,000 to $590,000.