Volvo Dig Assist, Load Assist Now Standard

June 7, 2019
An operator uses Volvo's Dig Assist while on site.

Volvo CE’s Dig Assist Start and Load Assist are now standard on excavators and wheel loaders, respectively, in North America.

Dig Assist Start, the basic package of Load Assist, is now available on Volvo’s EC220E to EC480E excavators. It increases the accuracy of the machines and enables operators to create more complex site profiles, according to the company.

Load Assist provides Volvo’s L150H to L260H wheel loaders with real-time intelligence, and documentation of work orders for the owner and their customers. The program also helps wheel loader customers save time and money with On-Board Weight, ensuring machines shift the optimal load. With insights into the bucket’s load, operators can eliminate overloading, under-loading, reweighing, and waiting times.

To help improve operator performance, Volvo is also adding a new Operator Coaching functionality to its Load Assist program as a standard feature on L150H to L260H wheel loaders. The app provides real-time guidance to operators on issues including idling, braking, throttling, and engaging the transmission lock-up. It also identifies areas for improvement or necessary changes in their technique.

Source: Volvo CE