September 28, 2010

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced a new series of purpose-built machines designed for handling pipe in such applications as the on-shore gas and oil industries. The new models result from a patented adaptation that combines the company’s basic hydraulic-excavator platform with that of a special lifting boom. According to Volvo, the new models – PL4611C, PL4608C, PL2904C, PL7015C and PL2102C – range in lift capacity from 20 to 150 metric tons, provide boom lengths from 30 to 38 feet, and provide “360-degree swing with full lifting performance and functionality at all radius positions.” The machines are fitted with an on-board load management system that is “designed to enable the operator to better determine [the load] that can be safely picked, depending on the angle of the boom, the cab’s position relative to the tracks, and the incline on which the machine is working.” Load charts are continually updated for 360-degree rotation and infinite machine geometries, says Volvo.