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Vogele Super 2000-3i Asphalt Paver Replaces Vision Series

The Super 2000-3i asphalt paver replaces the Vision 5200-2i.

April 07, 2016

The Super 2000-3i asphalt paver replaces the Vision 5200-2i. The 10-foot tracked paver has a maximum paving width of 28 feet and a top placement rate of 1,540 tons per hour. The Tier 4-Final Cummins QSB6.7-C250 engine has 250 horsepower at 2,000 rpm, and it eco mode delivers 234 horsepower at 1,700 rpm.

All drive components, including the three-phase generator, are supplied from the central splitter gear box and operate at maximum efficiency, the company says. A large cooler assembly features air routing and a variable-speed fan. Because all hydraulic elements are supplied with hydraulic oil directly from the splitter gearbox, all pumps and valves are combined in one spot for service accessibility.

The ErgoPlus 3 operating system has been enhanced with a new mounting system so the paver operator’s console can be shifted even more conveniently and easily between the right and left sides, the company says. A large color display ensures good readability even in poor lighting conditions. On the ErgoPlus 3 console, all push-buttons are easily identifiable by touch even when wearing work gloves.

The paver can be combined with the VF 600, the VR 600 and the AB 600 TV extending screeds, and electric screed heating is standard.

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