VMAC Air Compressors

Staff | September 28, 2010

VMAC announced today the release of the VR70 UNDERHOOD Air Compressor for the 2007 "All New" GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel 4500-5500 Series truck. The belt-driven, under-hood mounted air compressor system - designed to combine high performance with a compact installation - delivers up to 70 CFM or 175 PSI air output at a weight of less than 150 LBS (dry). By mounting the air compressor underneath the hood of the truck, contractors and fleet operators maximize the deck space and payload capacity available on the work truck, saving space for the tools and equipment needed onsite. "Instead of being a gas powered engine in the back of an eight foot pickup box that you always have to keep filling up with oil and gas, they're underhood. They take up less space." Reports Kelly Yates, representative for mobile truck equipment outfitter, Russell Truck Equipment. "They're lower maintenance. They're more efficient". For equipment outfitters like Russell, who fit fleet equipment for end-users in Western Canada, the new VMAC UNDERHOOD for the 2007 Duramax Medium-Duty also bares significant improvements in installation. VMAC engineers ensured the newest VMAC UNDERHOOD system would boast one of the easiest and least complex installations to date. By simplifying the bracket design, mounting the system driver-side, and keeping the air compressor accessible, the 2007 Duramax Medium-Duty VR70 Air Compressor reduces significant fitting and maintenance time, delivering considerable savings to end users. The release of the VR70 for the 2007 GM 4500-5500 Duramax adds to the manufacturer's application list, which provides the most extensive line of UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems in North America.