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VMAC Air Compressor for Ford Triton


Air Compressors, Integral with Tractor

Eliminating the need for a separate tow-behind air compressor, VMAC has the VR140 UNDERHOOD air compressor system for the 2008 Ford 6.8L Triton V10 Gas F250–F550 Super Duty trucks.

The VR140 uses only a small air/oil separator tank mounted on the truck’s frame rail, with the rest of the components neatly mounted under the hood, saving weight and payload space.

With up to 150 CFM/175 PSI of power, the VR140 is driven by the truck’s engine. As jobsite tools require more air, the truck’s engine increases RPM to produce the required air. This setup gives crews the advantage of not having to bring extra fuel to the jobsite, or to maintain and insure a separate trailer just for specific air needs, and has the capacity to run most pneumatic tools.

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