Is There Another Way to Buy & Sell?

March 22, 2024
Learn about a used equipment niche for your acquisition and disposal needs.

Managers looking to buy or sell used equipment may be interested to learn there is another layer of dealerships that is not wedded to OEMs nor members of AED: the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA). 

Construction Equipment caught up with Mark Pentz of the Calvin Group, an IEDA member (and past president) who buys and sells used asphalt paving equipment.

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Although the Calvin Group has a definite niche, many IEDA members deal in a wide variety of iron, and some also offer rental services. They also address the industry's workforce issues through scholarships.

Pentz says the association's independence gives them flexibility with customers that other dealers don't have.

Watch as he explains the differences between IEDA and traditional dealers, the association's vetting process, and more.